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Monday, September 20, 2010

the tough time in my life...

waa..ssh tol idop skunk nie..byk masalah..ade bf pon ssh..xde pon ssh..knpe benda nie sgt2 mngelirukan...skunk nie sbk sgt2..byk benda kne wat..nak tdo weekend pown xsng..coz byk je benda nak wat..adush..pusing2..sabtu n ahad ade je benda yg aku nak wat..fuhh..kne kuat beb..coz pspm just around da corner..kdg2 ade gak rse sesal coz x ambek dip. tp...once i make a move..i must get trough it...i can be fragile least i have sumeone that i can have as a shoulder to cry on..thanks buddy..i love u!!!

hurm...serabowt la..kenape lah aku x ckop kuat tok hadapi sume nie...lisa ckp yg ' ama nie lemah n kuat,,'
umm...ape la agak nyer mksd nyer ekh...ama windu life dlu..pnat la idop cam nie..ama takowt kalo kne tnggal lg..knpe la....knpe owng x leh syg aku..ssh sgt ke nak syg aku...umm..sudah2lah jd cengeng amalina.....hurmm...ble lah masalah nie nak selesai..i miss my life but which part of it that i miss..i dont so miserable...plezz let me rest 4 a couple of time...

~me..person who getting tired with herself..
~esk..21/9/10 ade match volleyball..hope that we can win...hopefully....Amin...
~12/10/10-MUET SPEAKING..hope i can score a..amin..

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