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Saturday, October 23, 2010

trouble is a fwen!!

yebaa!!!lg 1 paper..amalina akan abesh sem 1..chaiyok2...!!!!!huhuhu..ske btol ae..
wua...umm..scary merry ae nak abesh nie..takowt la seyh..umm..ape2 yg jd pon..nmpknye kne amalkan konsep tawakal n berserah kpda Allah yg maha Esa..
sye bosan..
sya dah x tau nak wat pe..
bingit dgan kamo..
knape dtg kalo nak menyakitkan..
knpe dtg dan beri harapan palsu..
u r fake..
u such a big liar..
u leaves me when u go there..
u let me sick without t8 k anythng bout me..
i hate when they suddenly came when there is no u..
they caused me think that u r ignoring me..
even thought that r waht u doing rite now..
u say hye to anyone else but ignoring me..
i'm 8teen but i'm still a girl..
i'm smiling but in deep inside...
no body know..
i'm a pretender bcoz i do love u..
they told me to do somethng that i dislike..
i hate it..
y it become a visitor in my life..
did u think by let me b like this..
i'm happy at all..
i hate this..
i swear that i hate this..
u make me suffer..
that y people always told me..
love will make me suffering..
it true..
it make me suffer, make me cry,make me happy n make me become someone like u too..
thanks 4 give n leaves me all those memories..
i either dont know what is it..
but it caused a scar in my life..thanks dude..

~wohaaa!!!!!cti nak cri wet ae..tue pow kalo sempat..

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